Swim School

All of our courses follow the Swim England (formerly ASA) 'Learn to Swim' programme, to ensure quality and consistency, and are taught by Swim England qualified teachers. Children are encouraged to work towards achieving nationally recognised Swim England awards, from Stages 1 – 7 and then on to Stage 8, Gold & Honours. These more advanced courses will challenge participants and help hone technique, build stamina and improve technical aspects such as starts and turns. The Swim School Co-ordinator is available to answer any questions that you may have. To email her, please click here.



For non-swimmers. Working towards Swim England Stages 1 and 2, this is a fun introduction to swimming, learning basic water awareness, increasing confidence and aiming to swim five metres unaided on front and back.


Working towards Swim England Stages 3 and 4, developing basic strokes and skills, and further improving water confidence. Must be able to swim five metres on front and back.


The emphasis of this group is on stroke improvement, gaining deep water confidence and swimming 25 metres. Working towards Swim England Stage 5, participants must be able to swim 10 metres.


Working towards Swim England Stages 6 and 7, participants must be able to swim 25 metres on front and back. By the end of this course they should be able to swim 100 metres with three strokes, and 25 metres of basic butterfly.


Working towards Swim England Stage 8, there may also be opportunities to attempt distance awards, (subject to time constraints). The group will be training in deep water for long sessions. Must be able to swim 100 metres using three strokes and basic butterfly.

Gold & Honours

In this scheme pupils are challenged to achieve specific targets relating to timed and endurance swims, smooth efficient strokes and a wide range of water skills. Skills include water entry, sculling, surface dives and object retrieval, treading water and in-water somersaults. Timed and endurance swims range from 100m to 800m.

Premium Lessons

Our premium courses offer a smaller class size and our most experienced teachers, meaning that your child will get more attention each session, and will likely progress faster through the Swim England Stages. These courses are perfect at helping your child improve quickly if their progress has begun to plateau or if they need particular attention on a specific area of stroke technique.